Decades of experience come together

For over 25 years, VACUTEC, High Vacuum & Precision Technology GmbH from Bremen, has been a leader in precision technology and the manufacturing of complex assemblies for analytics, particularly for mass spectrometry.

Sophisticated automation solutions for the automotive industry, in the field of deburring technology, and custom solutions have been developed and produced by BENDIKS ENGINEERING GMBH & CO. KG since 2009 in Schwanewede near Bremen.

In 2021, VACUTEC and BENDIKS merged their expertise.


APEX automation & precision technology

The long-standing experience and expertise of both companies are now consolidated in the company APEX Automation & Precision Technology GmbH. APEX specializes in the manufacturing of automated deburring systems, deburring robots, and welding robots for precision components. The high demands placed on the deburring technology of precision components in the sub-micrometer range have driven us to develop innovative tools that meet the specific requirements for deburring precision parts:

Reproducible deburring without damaging functional surfaces

Reproducibility without damaging functional surfaces ensures process reliability and is a fundamental requirement for deburring highly precise parts, thanks to our innovative robotic deburring cells.


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APEX Automatisierungs- & Präzisionstechnik GmbH
Sachsenring 40A
D 28790 Schwanewede / Bremen

Phone: +49 (0) 4795 957 19-00

Strong partners

In our company group, we have strong partners in the form of SAXONIA-Präzisionsmechanik from Leipzig and InProcess Instruments from Bremen. SAXONIA-Präzisionstechnik excels in the machining of complex turning and milling parts for small to medium batch sizes, as well as in assembly.

InProcess Instruments offers customized solutions for online gas analysis. Customers from around the world make use of their mass spectrometers. The modular design and high quality of the devices, as well as innovative approaches, are compelling features.


APEX stands for innovative automation

  • guaranteed high quality in precision manufacturing
  • efficiency through innovative automation
  • we create added value for your production and enhance your competitive advantage